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I'm in a hurry so I'm gonna use short sentences.

I like K-Pop and J-Pop. I like TVXQ best. My fav. member is JaeJoong and I love Yunjae!
My fav. japanese actor is Shirota Yuu. I also like bigbang, epik high, miyavi, asian kung fu generation, mblaq, b2st, suju, younha, se7en, rain, etc...

I like to play piano. I'm really good at improvising, but I can't write music (I can but not well).

I know a little bit of guitar. I used to play the violin, but I stopped.

I like to sing and I'm practicing hard to start auditioning for things (I'm still not that good).

I also like to dance.

My parents are musicains aswell.

I really like music in general. Music is my life.

I really like photography. I carry my camera around everyhere.

I also really like to draw (mostly faces).

Finaly I like to cook and write.

I'm a language nerd. I know how to read and write korean and I am learning how to speak it (on my own). I am learning Japanese VERY slowly (on my own). I am taking Latin classes in school as well. I love my latin class cuz the teachers are awesome, the class is like a big family, and something sexual always comes up. I want to learn Yiddish, Hebrew, Thai, and Chinese.

I'm a Unitarian Universalist. If you do not know the religion... google it. It's awesome cuz all the guys act sexual with each other and there is lots of hugs. With people you don't know... I'm Jewish on my mom's side but I don't really go to synagogue anymore...

I have 2 cats (Mocha Java and Capaccino) that look almost identical (differences: collar color, somewhat bushy tail or normal tail, one is 8 years older than the other, and one is kinda Skinny and the other is kinda fat). I love cats, but I like puppies as well.

Oh and I'm white, but I have an Asian soul. (I swear it's true! I'm more Asian than my Asian friends...)